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- Human Hamster Ball For Sale

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We had home-made cookies from Lorilee’s Bakery and ice cream from Humanhamsterball – The Rolling Cones brought out their ice cream trailer.For Team Bressler, the most enjoyable part of the day was seeing all the smiling faces and knowing that you were enjoying the picnic as much or more than we were. We had a chance to say “Thank You” for your business, and everyone we spoke to told us how much they enjoyed the opportunity to just sit, visit, and chat with us as well as other people they knew without having to talk about business. There’s nothing better than enjoying a day of good friends and good food.Baluchi had been training for the event for months, and took donations from sponsors that were to be given to a needy children's charity. His plan, he said, was to run until he got tired, cool off by taking dunks in the ocean, and to live off protein bars and bottled water. For sleeping, he had a hammock, and was going to navigate with a GPS.Things didn't turn out so well. Baluchi got fatigued and disoriented, and finally was spotted simply bobbing in the waves seventy miles offshore from St. Augustine.

If something happens in New Mexico, they kind of wave their hands in a listless fashion, and say, "Meh. It's aliens." Someone sees an ugly dog in Texas? "Must be El Chupacabra." Here, just the fact that the guy was in the western Atlantic made it inevitable that someone was going to bring up the Bermuda Triangle. If he'd succeeded, the article would have been about how lucky he was to have escaped its evil snares.So I'm gonna issue a challenge, here. Come on, woo-meisters, give it all you've got. I'm sure you can come up with something more interesting than the same tired old schtick. At least in the fine old days of the Weekly World News, we could look forward to hearing periodically about how BatBoy's presidential campaign was coming along.But now? Same old, same old. So I'm challenging you woo-woos to really knock our socks off. Give us something we haven't heard before. I know you've got it in you, you've just gotten complacent, and maybe we skeptics have, too. Every time I do one of these shows, I am amazed at how long I end up thinking about it. Human Hamster Ball For Sale, no other gig keeps me excited about what I do like this one does. Between the extremely loud music, the awesome crew, and the super excited crowd…this show is hard to beat (no matter how miserable the weather turns out to be)!
Human Hamster Ball
For a person that has never been crowd surfing before, I think I did an “OK” job. I was able to stay standing in the ball for the first 45 seconds! Then I spent the next couple minutes rolling inside the ball, sometimes resorting to the good ol’ hot dog roll! I was definitely surprised how strong of a push people have. It was like they could have shoulder pressed me with no problem! This solution never worked well since the stickers would stretch when inflated and the adhesive would eventually create a gummy edge…which looked bad and eventually led to peeling.We had another printed version, but the other glaring problem with these versions was they were permanent (or really costly to change) and in the end, fans never see much of the logo since it’s spinning around and is fractionally sized on the ball.With all of these limitations, I usually searched for other ways to involve sponsors.The first solution we recommend is to have the Human Hamster Ball Races that go around signage. Like these A-Plus Signs (now on The Store). These are inexpensive signs that can be changed out. Your sponsor changes…no problem. For less than $100 you have a new set of 4 signs made.

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